Duties of a TSPMA District Director

Our Directors are the heart of the organization

The Regional Directors shall:


  1. Attend quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors at no expense for mileage or lodging to the Association.
  2. Encourage and promote participation and membership in the Association with all educational entities.
  3. Communicate with regional members to deliver issues, needs, concerns, improvements and ideas to the Board of Directors.
  4. Be encouraged to plan and coordinate, at least, two training seminars per year and notify Executive Secretary of date and time.
  5. Assist in the planning process of the Annual Association Meeting.
  6. Maintain current list of persons involved in plant operations and maintenance throughout their region (members & non-members).
  7. Contact all individuals (either members or non-members) at least twice per year (either by phone or letter) to inform of regional meetings, TSPMA objectives and concerns, and upcoming Annual Association Meeting.
  8. Prepare at least (1) one article for the Association’s Newsletter relevant to the objectives of the TSPMA.
  9. Secure at least one advertisement for the Newsletter and the Conference Program Booklet.
  10. Be knowledgeable of TSPMA bylaws and objectives of the TSPMA.
  11. Provide a list of vendors and business contacts (names, addresses and phone numbers) that do business in director’s school district to the Executive Secretary, as potential members.
  12. Serve on committees as requested by the President.
  13. Make effort to be involved and attend National School Plant Management Association’s annual meeting.
  14. Attend special Board and committee meetings, as requested by the President or Executive Secretary.
  15. Conduct and chair Regional Meeting at Annual Association Meeting to include (when required) election of the new Regional Director.