College Scholarships for TSPMA Member children or grandchildren

TSPMA supports the higher education of our members by offering several annual scholarships

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TSPMA Scholarship Guidelines and Application Due April 30th. 2016





The Tennessee School Plant Management Association offers an annual

 $1000.00 scholarship as funds permit to children of “active” “participating”

 TSPMA members for a minimum of two (2) years under the following guidelines:

 1 A graduating High School senior with a high school minimum GPA grade point average of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale, ACT score of 21 or higher, and a 94% attendance rate during their senior year.

 2 A second year or above college student in good standing with a minimum

 3.0 GPA grade point average.

 3 A full-time student actively pursuing degree requirements in any state

 supported four year institution of higher education.

 4 There can only be one TSPMA scholarship per family at a given time.

 5 If the scholarship is awarded to a high school graduating senior and

 he/she continues to meet the criteria, the scholarship can be continued

 through the second year if funds are available. All documentation must be

 submitted to show qualifications prior to the April 30th, deadline. This

 person can then reapply for a third year and will be in competition with all

 other applicants, however priority will go to the first and second year


 6 Achievements in academics, leadership and special awards will be

 considered in awarding these scholarships.

 7 Deadline for these applications will be April 30th, of the current year.

 8 The scholarship committee shall be composed of members of the Executive Committee appointed by the TSPMA president. However, no committee member can have a vested interest, or a child or grandchild apply for scholarship.

 9 Application and Transcript Mail to: TSPMA


                               Attn: Joe Mike Akard

                               PO BOX 626

                               Blountville, TN 37617                                          



 1 ACTIVE: A member whose dues is current and has been a member of

TSPMA for at least two years.

 2 PARTICIPATING: A member who attends the annual conference and at

 least (1) regional meeting, or serves on committees or assist committee

 member in TSPMA business.